April's Maths Tuition

Hello, I'm April and I have an honours degree in Mathematics and Mathematical Learning with experience in teaching at Primary, Secondary and Adult levels.

My lessons are planned specifically to each students' abilities, working towards individual targets.

Contact me today to find out how I can support you or your child's mathematical development.







"So thankful I’ve found a great tutor she is very professional."

Experience and Qualifications

Qualifications (Original certificate available on request):

 - Honours degree in Mathematics and Mathematical Learning

 - DBS Certified


 - Up to date knowledge of the curriculum and the education system

 - Classroom teaching at Primary and Secondary levels

 - One to one teaching

 - Teaching support within an SEN school

Benefits of online teaching

 - No travel expenditure

 - Online tools

 - Convenient learning within your home or workplace

 - Covid safe

 - International availability

"developmental mathematics students who were enrolled in the online courses had higher success rates than the students enrolled in the traditional lectures" (LynchNewberg, 2010, p. 1)

Teaching style

My free introductory session allows me to introduce myself and assess the level the student is working at academically.

From there I can identify suitable topics and tailor each lesson to suit your childs' ability and needs. 

I feel it is important to work with the student or parent/guardian to identify specific area's to prioritise.

When starting a new topic, I start from the ground up, initially covering the basics so there are no assumptions made. This allows us to build a solid foundation to ensure a steady progression together.

In addition, homework can be provided to continue learning throughout the week.

Benefits of private tuition

  1. Lessons are suited to individual needs and abilities

  2. No social distractions

  3. Freedom to learn at the students own pace

  4. Instant feedback and marking

  5. Prevents Summer learning loss

  6. Welcoming environment for student to ask questions

Contact ME

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