How it works


Book an initial free 30 minute assessment where the student and I can meet each other. We then work through a series of mixed questions to assess specific area's to focus on.

Free assessment

The first lesson is usually planned based on my assessment.

Lessons are taught using an XP Pen and Microsoft Whiteboard as a tool to share lesson content and workings out onscreen. Alongside this, I use Google Meets to allow video and audio interaction.

Lesson one & content



I determine progression throughout each lesson to identify whether more time is needed on a topic, or if the student is confident and ready to move on.

Lesson content is decided based on curriculum, ability and level.

There is also opportunity for the student to request specific topics.

Proceeding Lessons

Following each lesson you, as the parent or guardian will receive a detailed email to communicate what we have covered in the lesson.

Keeping you in the loop


Constant email and phone support is available to all students and parents/guardians throughout the week, as well as through school holidays.


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Contact ME

Feel free to contact me for any questions you may have